Applied Artificial Intelligence

Making knowledge on #appliedAI accessible


Enabling everyone to apply AI by democratizing its design, development and use to reflect the diversity of the world we live in

Sebastian van Eerten

Currently a student at the University of Amsterdam and content lead for City.AI. I am inspired by human progress & am a proud member of #appliedAI nation.

Christoph Auer-Welsbach

Venture Partner @Lunar-vc | Blog @ | CoFounder @Kaizo @TheCityAI @WorldSummitAI | Ex @IBM Ventures

Mike Reiner

General Partner Acrobator. Previously: VC @ OpenOcean, Co-founder City AI, World Summit AI, Startup Wise Guys, CCC, Startup AddVenture.

Catalina Butnaru

City AI London and Women in AI Ambassador | Product Marketing | AI Ethics | INFJ

Valentina Colombo

Marketing & Event Manager at Codaisseur


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