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Your car has a clean title. Why shouldn’t your digital assets? Secure digital property rights over your assets.

Sean Moss-Pultz

CEO of Bitmark Inc. — the property system for the digital environment. Previously: Openmoko phone. I am a digital environmentalist and an orphan of Apollo.

Bitmark Inc.

Bitmark allows people to record and transfer the property rights to their digital assets and data using the blockchain.

Joern Bielewski

#art #design #poetry #privacy #cryptocurrencies

Fung Fellowship

The Fung Fellowship for Wellness & Technology Innovations at UC Berkeley ~ shaping a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders focused on transforming wellness.

Simon Imbot

Community Advocate for Bitmark Inc.



Ellie Yang

UX Researcher at Bitmark Inc. with a background in Ethnology. I love human beings, and wanna create amazing connection among art, technology and humanity.


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