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xgboost GPU performance on low-end GPU vs high-end CPU

xgboost CPU with fast histogram is extremely fast compared to old school methods such as exact histogram.

Investigating xgboost Exact scalability

xgboost is a very well known Machine Learning technique based on Gradient Boosted Trees. The default xgboost is an exact method, which does…

Getting the most of xgboost and LightGBM speed: Compiler, CPU pinning

Currently, xgboost and LightGBM are the two best performing machine learning algorithms for large datasets (both in speed and metric…

Is KVM virtualization slowing down CPU computations?

When it comes to pure CPU computations, KVM is doing a great job at providing maximum performance when tuned properly. And when it comes to…

LightGBM on Windows: Visual Studio vs MinGW (gcc), R with Visual Studio

Thinking on using LightGBM on Windows? You know you are given two hard choices: Visual Studio or MinGW (gcc).

Interview: AMD Ryzen as a workstation

Today, we got an interview with drverzal about a brand new AMD Ryzen rig!

Benchmarking xgboost with and without virtualization

We have seen previously that the xgboost had a new fast histogram method leading to blazing performance. All our tests were done on a…

Benchmarking new xgboost fast histogram: xgboost and the compiler story

We have seen previously that the new xgboost fast histogram method had an issue: it was awfully slow. But we fixed it. By recompiling R…

Exact xgboost and Fast Histogram xgboost training speed comparison

Did you ever wanted to compare “unfairly” Exact xgboost and Fast Histogram xgboost? Here you are served.


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