Publications tagged `STATISTICS`
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Cracking The Data Science Interview Your Ultimate Guide to Data Science Interviews 5,612 Data Science The Data Science and Machine learning blog of 1,258
Data Science & Design All about Data Science, Machine Learning, and Design. Also, lot of things about Statistics, Data Visualization, Benchmarking, and funny stuff. 850 Let's make the cyberbrain system from Ghost in the Shell 518
Data Science Journal Articles about data science, mathine learning, artificial intelligence and their impact in our life. 265
Data as a better idea Learning about Data Science,Statistics,Mathematics, etc 156
Her Hoop Stats Insight about women’s basketball brought to you by 125
Football Applied An online publication that looks at how certain topics like economics, game theory, psychology, and statistics apply to the footballing world. 84
Peter Flom — The Blog A collection of writing on books, words, politics, math, science and more 80
Nadir Nibras- Data Science projects A collection of data science projects I am working on. Update: I have moved my old publications to Towards Data Science. Please refer to 58
The Reality Project Becoming less wrong about the world with data 52
Wandering in Advanced Analytics Sharing my studies and experiences in this fantastic domain 19
Something Tangible Ethan Moore's musings on the aspects of baseball analytics that are of personal interest to him 13
Boundary Line Sitting at the Boundary Line producing Data driven insights on Cricket 11
evangelinelee Data Analysis in R 3