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Intersection of product management and enterprise software (SaaS, B2B, data)

Joseph Galarneau

Builder of all things data SaaS. Hats I’ve worn: @Mezzobit founder/CEO (acq by @OpenX), OX product VP, @Newsweek COO/digital GM, @NYMag CTO. Best job: Ben’s dad

Latest Posts

Transitioning from founder-led product management

In a fast-growing company, knowing when and how to “level up” is critical to maintaining momentum and avoiding self-inflicted wounds.

Field guide to tag hunting: The hidden world of Internet data collection

Part 1: What’s going on and why it’s getting worse

The 10/10 rule for B2B product managers talking to customers

A single hour with a customer is likely more valuable than 10 hours of internally focused time. Yet many enterprise product managers are…

The slippery slope from SaaS to managed services: When labor intensity makes sense in growing your…

Happy customers are often one indicator of product-market fit, but how you made them happy will determine whether you’re building a…

From actionable insights to action: Decreasing value path friction in data SaaS

Your SaaS product may generate the most earthshaking data-driven insights for enterprises, but without anticipating and addressing how…


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