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Mike Reiner

Venture Partner OpenOcean. Co-founder City AI, World Summit AI, Startup Wise Guys, CCC, Startup AddVenture.

Maxim Matias

Venture Associate @openocean ; building a data community at @dataseries ; MSc @imperialcollege ; Contact at:


A network of thought-leaders at data-intensive industries — sharing lessons learned, in preparation for the future 🤖🔮 — Initiated by @openoceanvc

Latest Posts

Machine Learning and Medical Diagnosis

Healthcare industry is one of the most affected fields by machine learning implementations: just think about all the wrong diagnoses that…

Understanding the maths behind Neural Networks

Neural Networks (NNs) are the typical algorithms employed in deep learning tasks. The reason why they are so popular is, intuitively…

The Metamorphosis of Venture Series

How psychological elements, besides the market’s nature, have triggered the growth of venture capital rounds

How banks are utilizing AI-driven Business Intelligence practices

A short introduction to the evolution of Business Intelligence and how AI-driven BI is impacting FinTech

Why the Government of Tomorrow is Also a Data Organisation

8 examples of innovative governments that datafy their cities, distribute and analyse their data and automate their processes.

Why Blockchain Will Improve Your Big Data

Blockchain changes data provenance by making data immutable, verifiable and traceable, resulting in improved big data analytics.

Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse

A truly elastic, scalable cloud data warehouse

Data Science 101

A brief introduction to data science: start here if you are lost.

Fully Automated Luxury Capitalism

A new book suggests that technological progress will lead to a post-capitalist utopia. We should be sceptical

7 Companies Protecting Your Food with Blockchain

Blockchain enables food traceability, reduces counterfeits and improves quality. Here are 7 companies protecting your food with blockchain.


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