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This blog was created to give Black engineers a place to learn about what it takes to reach the highest levels of leadership in tech. Additionally, we want to give everyone a chance to learn about how we see our communities, technology, and the world.

Makinde Adeagbo

Founder of /dev/color. Former engineer @ Pinterest, Dropbox & Facebook.


a non-profit that maximizes the impact of Black software engineers. We’re a network for and by software engineers.

Austin Schneider

Account Manager @ /dev/color. Travel enthusiast.

Latest Posts

DCIM: From “isolation to inspiration”

“/dev/color IN MOTION was a transformative event, unlike anything I’ve experienced in my 15 years as a software engineer…”

Hackathons are not for me

I really do not like hackathons. I attended one in college and I knew that they weren’t for me. Maybe it was the pressures of time. Maybe…

Real Talk with Ochelle Drysdale

Meet Ochelle Drysdale, Futures Trading Application Developer at Goldman Sachs and member of /dev/color New York.

Real Talk with Christine Beaubrun

Meet Christine Beaubrun, Web Developer at Crew and member of /dev/color.

Real Talk with Ras Kasa Williams

Meet Ras Kasa Williams, Senior Software Engineer at Mailchimp and member of /dev/color New York.

Bringing the Industry Together

When you want to go fast, go alone. When you want to go far, go together.

The First Roundtable: What We’ve Learned

Just shy of two months ago we launched the Guild — our effort to connect and facilitate thoughtful conversation among the heads of…

Real Talk with Bernadette Carter

Meet Bernadette Carter, Staff Software Engineer at Google and member of /dev/color.

Open Sourcing the Diversity Conversation: /dev/color Launches The Guild

In programming, there’s rarely a reason to start completely from scratch. Every project I’ve managed has had a code base to start from —…

/dev/color: 2017 in Review

This past year was monumental for /dev/color. Our program blossomed with new members, a new chapter in New York City, and additional…


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