Publications tagged `CAREER DEVELOPMENT`
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Index Index is a publication from Medium about work, digging into the most pressing issues surrounding the modern career. 3,249
The Compiler This blog was created to give Black engineers a place to learn about what it takes to reach the highest levels of leadership in tech. Additionally, we want to give everyone a chance to learn about how we see our communities, technology, and the world. 2,859
Hexagon UX A global 501(c)(3) non-profit community built to empower women and non-binary folks to bring their whole selves to work — building confidence, balancing the ratio in the UX industry, and effecting change on a greater scale while fostering personal and professional growth. 1,447
Invincible Career Invincible Career® — Stories that help you claim your power, regain your freedom, and become invincible in your work and life! 439
Job Advice for Software Engineers Thoughts and advice from James S. Fisher. (Cover image by rawpixel on Unsplash) 428
Breakout Writing If you want to improve your ability to reach your dreams then you must write well — no matter what your dreams are. 270
Product Management and Innovation Product strategy, new product innovation and continuous improvement. 153
codeconnector Want to learn about tech or code? We’re here to help you get connected with mentors, meetups, communities, education, and companies that have your best interest in mind. 102
Hamoye Blog We are obsessed with a singular vision: that human capital represents an immense opportunity for Africa in the coming decades. To this end, we are committed to training and developing an army of problem solvers across the continent using our innovative EdTech platform — Hamoye. 80
What Liz Learnt A collection of weekly reflections of what I have learnt this week as a Digital Product Designer 35
The Harsh Magazine Balance career and writing, indulge your creative instincts, and grow together. 17
Soul of Startups Build people to build your company. 12
The League of Creative Minds Being creative is better when we support each other’s efforts. 9
Career Reinvent Building an ecosystem to enable to you confidently reinvent your career. Promoting conversations to support your evolving career journey. Maintained by @raghucs | 3
Level Up and Launch In March 2020 I left my first frontend development job to level-up my skills full time and expedite taking the next step in my career. Level Up and Launch is a limited series I’m writing to hold myself accountable, reflect on my progress and share my experience. 3