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How to Become a Better Software Developer

Today I would like to share some thoughts on ways a software developer can improve his professional skills and become better at their work.

Publishing the Complete “Beginner’s Web Development Guide”

The complete “Beginner’s Web Development Guide” is now available for reading.

Beginner’s Web Development Guide Part 4: Cloud Deployment

This post is part of a series of posts for beginner web developers. Also check out “Part 1: Frontend”, “Part 2: Backend”, and “Part 3…

Beginner’s Web Development Guide Part 3: Platforms and Tools

Continuing our talk on learning web development, we’ll move away from particular programming languages and rather focus on the environment…

Beginner’s Web Development Guide Part 2: Backend

Today we continue our intro to web development. In the previous post we started with exploring frontend development, and today we are…

Beginner’s Web Development Guide Part 1: Frontend

A few days ago I’ve posted a short essay on why I decided to start the DevTrails project mentioned, that I will begin working on the first…

DevTrails and the three perspectives of learning

They say that doctors need to learn all their life. With great respect to doctors, I believe that this statement extends to software…


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