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Archy de Berker

Applied Research Scientist at Element AI

Peter Henderson

Editor of the Element AI lab blog

Vince Caruana

Digital Marketing & SEO Specialist @sharegatetools / Digital Content Writer, Editor & Strategist / Die-hard Boston Bruins fan.

Simon Hudson

Managing Editor at Element AI

Latest Posts

Modern recipes for anomaly detection

A quick tour of anomaly detection as I try to find Golden Retrievers in a celebrity faces dataset

Innovation is not research

Let’s imagine that you work for an established company. Your competitors are nipping at your heels; they’re stealing customers with new…

Prototyping the future at Element AI’s Applied Research Lab

Element AI’s new Applied Research Lab is key part of our efforts to understand the human side of artificial intelligence. Researchers in…

Fast, careful adaptation with Bayesian MAML

Effective AI agents meant to work and learn in the real world should be quick to adapt to changes in their operational conditions. Where…

Towards deep conversational recommendations

Dialogue systems, or chatbots, are often divided in two categories: goal-oriented dialogue systems, and chit-chat dialogue systems…

Improved few-shot learning for image classification

Few-shot Learning is the ability of an algorithm to learn a task by observing only a few samples. This is a popular tool in image…

Join Element AI researchers at NeurIPS 2018!

Come visit the dozens of Element AI researchers and employees at one of the biggest conferences in AI.

A taxonomy of AI trustability challenges

In the first part of this series we established trustability as a key requirement for mass adoption and thus overall success of enterprise…

The missing ingredient for mass adoption of AI: trust

AI is so hot right now. That’s confirmed by studies such as a recent Gartner report that calls AI an emerging “mega-trend.” In spite of…


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