Field Notes From The Future

Ideas at the intersection of humanity and technology

Mike Walsh

Author of 'Futuretainment', keynote speaker and futurist. Passionate about designing companies for the 21st century. Traveling the world looking for patterns.

Latest Posts

3 Lessons From Japan’s Digital Spring

Digital transformation in Japan could be a canary in the coal mine for algorithmic organizations elsewhere

Xiaomi & Shanzhai

What happens when a copy becomes better than its original?

The Mobile Skinner Box

K-Scale, addiction and the seductive allure of smartphones

How to build a nanoscale computer

Carbon nanotube eating silkworms and the strange future of wearable devices

The rise of the nanofactory

What the 2016 Nobel Prize For Chemistry means for the future of our industrial society

People First

Oculus Rift, Augmented VR and the future of digital presence

Fab Theft

What if the best way to steal something in the future is just to print it?

Is death just a software problem?

Life extension and Zuckerberg’s quest to end all disease

The company with no secrets

Does radical transparency work, or is it just a culture gimmick?

What if the next Jony Ive was an algorithm?

Computational design and the automation of creativity


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