Fluree PBC

Fluree, PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation that offers a decentralized platform for enterprises to create better, more efficient software applications and a blockchain database that securely powers them to scale.


HR and business platform software that is a joy to use.

Kevin Doubleday

Evangelizer for FlureeDB, the world's first ACID-compliant blockchain database for decentralized applications | email: kdoubleday@flur.ee | website: www.flur.ee

Latest Posts

Fluree 0.9.5 Release

Fluree Developers — today we are excited to announce a new set of features and fixes in our Fluree version 0.9.5 release.

Is Blockchain a GDPR Killer?

When immutability meets regulation that requires data deletion, how can enterprises move forward with blockchain projects that are…

Blockchain Immutability — Why does it matter?

Blockchain implementation can bring an unprecedented level of trust to the data enterprises use on a daily basis

Fluree Disruptors: Benekiva Brings Blockchain to the Life Insurance Claims Process

Benekiva bridges the gap between life insurance policies and their intended beneficiaries by claims automation, beneficiary management…

How I Built My Own Cryptocurrency With FlureeDB

Boiled down to its bare essentials, a cryptocurrency has three key characteristics:

FlureeDB is Production-Ready and Live

This post serves as a community update. For those juicy technical details, hop over to our technical documentation. For a more newsy take…

Insurance on the Blockchain

From better risk visibility & faster claims processing to collectively fighting fraud, blockchain can provide comprehensive benefits across…

Fluree Newsletter Up & Running!

The Fluree newsletter exists primarily to serve up minimal, important product news. In addition, we’ll be sharing our blog posts, upcoming…

Blockchain: Supply Chain Entry Points

Current Supply Chains don’t operate at the cadence of business. Blockchain could change that.

Why Fluree is a PBC (Public Benefit Corporation)

TL;DR: (Too Long; Didn’t Read):


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