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Defending journalists and whistleblowers in the 21st century.

Martin Shelton

Dr. Martin Shelton is a user researcher working with at-risk groups on digital security.

Trevor Timm

Trevor Timm is the executive director of Freedom of the Press Foundation. His writing has appeared the New York Times, the Guardian, and the Intercept.

Camille Fassett

reporter at Freedom of the Press Foundation

Olivia Martin

Digital Security Trainer at Freedom of the Press Foundation. Coming at you from the intersection of media and digital security.

Parker Higgins

Director of Special Projects at the Freedom of the Press Foundation. Focused on technology, transparency, freedom of speech, and creativity.

Louise Balsmeyer

Louise Balsmeyer is the Director of Development at Freedom of the Press Foundation.


prior art collector. director of newsroom digital security @freedomofpress.

David Huerta

Digital Security Trainer at Freedom of the Press Foundation, CryptoParty NYC co-organizer and chill dude.

Erik Moeller

I work at the intersection of technology and justice.

Latest Posts

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In this guide, we’ll go through the process of securely generating, storing, and using a PGP key pair in a hardware token.

An in-depth guide to choosing a web browser

Most of your internet usage happens through a web browser, so it’s important to pick one that defends you online.

Why aren’t more journalism schools teaching digital security?

Many journalism schools have a blind spot. In an environment where newsrooms increasingly defend against targeted hacking and surveillance…

The story inside your software updates

Software updates seem like a chore, but they often contain important fixes for bugs that could otherwise compromise your security.

Your smartphone and you: A handbook to modern mobile maintenance

This piece has been cross-posted from Freedom of the Press Foundation. You can read the original article here.

Civil liberties groups condemn the Trump admin’s indictment of Julian Assange

Today, WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange was arrested by British authorities after Ecuador terminated his asylum status. He has been…

The Trump administration’s indictment of Julian Assange threatens core press freedom rights

Early Thursday morning, Ecuador terminated the asylum status of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, and he was arrested by British…

Spyware vendor defends hacking journalists, continues to embolden abusive governments

The founder of of spyware vendor NSO Group appeared to defend targeting journalists, activists, and human rights defenders with its…

An important free speech statute that protects journalists in Texas is in danger

Back in 2005, a local newspaper in Texas was sued by a housing developer for its investigation, claiming that the paper’s reporting was a…

In a brewing First Amendment fight, California’s Attorney General threatens journalists for…

The California Attorney General’s office is threatening reporters with legal action merely for possessing a list of the state’s law…


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