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We're a collective of unprofessional professionals who like to build things. We use programming to enhance the small moments we call life, as well as expedite the inevitable robot enslavement of humanity.

Todd Birchard

Senior Data Engineer with Product Management background. Does everything incorrectly before coming to realizations known as best practices.

Latest Posts

The Hostile Extraction of Tableau Server Data

Say no to proprietary software constraints. Say no to vendor lock. Say yes to freedom.

Psycopg2: Postgres & Python the Old Fashioned Way

Managing Postgres Database connections in Python with Psycopg2

Pythonic Database Management with SQLAlchemy

The iconic Python library for handling any conceivable database interaction.

Poetic Python: Project Packaging for Pros

Manage your projects with Poetry to handle dependencies, envs, packaging, etc

Using Redis to Store Information in Python Applications

A temporary data store for everything from session variables to chat queues.

Tableau’s REST API: Turning Tableau into an ETL Pipeline GUI

Organizing a heist on Tableau Server to reclaim workbook data

Cracking Full Control Over Plot.ly Dash

Build apps with Plot.ly Dash on your own terms

Demystifying Flask’s Application Context

Breaking down the nuances of the ‘app context’ in Flask’s Application Factory

Building Complex Features in MongoDB Cloud

Using functions, webhooks, and values to utilize external APIs.

Geographical Data Visualization with Mapbox

Visualizing Geodata with Mapbox’s API and Tools


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