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We're a collective of unprofessional professionals who like to build things. We use programming to enhance the small moments we call life, as well as expedite the inevitable robot enslavement of humanity.

Todd Birchard

Senior Data Engineer with Product Management background. Does everything incorrectly before coming to realizations known as best practices.

Latest Posts

Serve Docker Containers With A Custom Domain and SSL

Do even less work to deploy your Docker apps to production.

Building a Client For Your GraphQL API

Now that we have an understanding of GraphQL queries and setup, it’s time to get that data.

Writing Your First GraphQL Queries

Begin to structure complex queries against your GraphQL API.

Running Jupyter Notebooks on a Ubuntu Server

Configuring a VPS from scratch to host Jupyter notebooks with Anaconda.

Drawing Route Objects with the Mapbox Directions API

Using the Mapbox Directions REST API to draw routes on map visualizations.

Welcome to SQL 3: Building Relations and Combining Data

This week we look at the fun side of SQL where we JOIN tables and create UNIONs.

Welcome to SQL 2: Working With Data Values

Explore the many flavors of SQL data manipulation in part 2 of our series.

Welcome to SQL: Modifying Databases and Tables

Brush up on SQL fundamentals such as creating tables, schemas, and views.

Another “Intro to Data Analysis in Python Using Pandas” Post

Obligatory introduction to Pandas by a questionably qualified stranger.

Manage Database Models with Flask-SQLAlchemy

Connect your Flask app to a database using Flask-SQLAlchemy.


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