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Community of hackers obsessed with data science, data engineering, and analysis. Openly pushing a pro-robot agenda.

Todd Birchard

Software engineer with background in Data & Product Management background. Does everything incorrectly before coming to realizations known as best practices.

Dylan Castillo

Product Data Scientist. I write at https://dylancastillo.co/

Latest Posts

Managing Multiple Versions of Python on Ubuntu 20.04

Easily install and manage multiple versions of Python on Ubuntu 20.04 or newer.

Implement ORM Data Models with SQLAlchemy

Handle your application’s data layer with SQLAlchemy’s powerful ORM. Define data models, add/remove records, and execute queries purely in…

Databases in Python Made Easy with SQLAlchemy

Leverage the iconic SQLAlchemy Python library to effortlessly handle database connections and queries in software.

Create Cloud-hosted Charts with Plotly Chart Studio

Use Pandas and Plotly to create cloud-hosted data visualizations on-demand in Python.

Deploy Serverless Golang Functions with Netlify

Write and deploy Golang Lambda Functions to for your GatsbyJS site on Netlify.

Scrape Structured Data with Python and Extruct

Supercharge your scraper to extract quality page metadata by parsing JSON-LD data via Python’s extruct library.

Compiling and Serving Frontend Assets in Flask

Create and compile LESS, SASS, and JS files for your Flask app’s frontend using Flask-Assets.

Optimize GatsbyJS Performance & Build Times with Netlify

Speed up Gatsby by utilizing Netlify features like CDN, asset compression, redirects, caching, and analytics.

Deploy a Golang Web Application Behind Nginx

Deploy a self-hosted Go web application using Nginx as a reverse proxy.

Create Your First Golang App

Set up Golang on your local environment and create your first “Hello world” app.


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