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Community of hackers obsessed with data science, data engineering, and analysis. Openly pushing a pro-robot agenda.

Todd Birchard

Senior Data Engineer with Product Management background. Does everything incorrectly before coming to realizations known as best practices.

Dylan Castillo

Product Data Scientist. I write at https://dylancastillo.co/

Latest Posts

Configuring Your Flask Application

Best practices on configuring Flask neatly and securely. Handle environment-specific configurations with ease and keep sensitive values out…

Organizing Flask Apps with Blueprints

Structure your Flask app as a collection of modules. Use Flask Blueprints to organize your app by separation of concerns.

Handle User Accounts & Authentication in Flask with Flask-Login

Create an interactive Flask application by supporting user accounts! Handle account creation, log-ins, walled content, and user-specific…

Creating Interactive Views in Django

Create interactive user experiences by writing Django views to handle dynamic content, submitting forms, and interacting with data.

Psycopg2: Postgres & Python the Old Fashioned Way

Connect to a PostgreSQL database and execute queries in Python using the Psycopg2 library.

Using Redis In-Memory Storage for your Python Applications

Leverage in-memory data storage to make your Python apps snappy. Cover managing a Python Redis client to learning the subtleties of Redis…

Package Python Projects the Proper Way with Poetry

Revolutionize your development workflow with an elegant CLI to handle dependencies, environments, configuration, and packaging.

SSH & SCP in Python with Paramiko

Automate remote server tasks by using the Paramiko & SCP Python libraries. Use Python to SSH into hosts, execute tasks, transfer files…

Manage Multiple Versions of Python on Ubuntu

Easily install and manage multiple Python installations on a Ubuntu VPS.

Getting Started with Django

The crash-course for newcomers to Python’s largest web framework. Create your first functioning Django web application.


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