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Sneak peak of VRX 2019

Check out these interviews with 16 of the world’s biggest and innovative brands

XR technology and content providers are seeing strong growth in enterprise

Based on interviews of more than 750 professionals, VR Intelligence reports that providers are shifting their focus towards enterprise XR.

VRX Conference & Expo 2019 gathers key VR/AR stakeholders in San Francisco

As an official media partner, Haptical is offering an exclusive discount code worth $100.

Using virtual reality experiences to treat severe pain

According to a new study, therapeutic virtual reality can be used to reduce severe pain in hospitalized patients.

VR headset market transitions to higher quality products

In a challenging year for VR, Sony leads the pack with its focus on gaming, followed by Facebook and HTC, while Google fades.

Can virtual reality solve psychological problems?

Researchers believe that this method could be a useful tool for clinicians.

Scientists believe virtual reality could treat Parkinson’s disease

Training in virtual environment may help patients improve balance and avoid obstacles while walking.

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Raising awareness against global pollution by virtual reality

Stanford journalism students launched a new virtual reality experience to immerse viewers into a galaxy of garbage.

People think and behave differently in virtual reality than they do in real life

According to UBC researchers, using VR to examine how people behave in real life may lead to wrong conclusions.


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