Designers and technologists specialized in data visualization and maps since 2001. Visit us @ stamen.com.

Eric Rodenbeck

Father, husband. I founded Stamen Design in 2001. Board member, KRF & CAST. Entrepreneur, designer, artist, board member & dreamer.

Stamen Design

Data visualization and map design and technology experts. Visit us at www.stamen.com.

Jon Christensen

Teaches at UCLA, is a partner at Stamen Design, and edits LENS Magazine at lensmagazine.org.

Alan McConchie

Lead Cartographer at @stamen / election reformer @FairVoteWA / founder @LocalgroupBham. Maps, networks, visualization, code. 15 min of fame: @pop_vs_soda

Alec Burch

Visualizing data at @Stamen.

Jim Stanley

GM @stamen. Lefty.

Latest Posts

Our next Data Visualization Class…will be remote!

Enrollment is now open for Stamen’s next Data Visualization Foundations class, scheduled for April 25 and 26th. We continue to work with…

Visualizing Democracy with Berggruen: A Conversation with Dawn Nakagawa

The Berggruen Institute came to Stamen with the goal of bringing a fascinating global dataset to life: its Governance Index, which offers…

Survival by Degrees: How We Built It

Stamen worked with the National Audubon Society to visualize the future of bird species across North America in the face of climate change…

Environmental Data Visualization: Many Dimensions of Lake Tahoe

To some, Lake Tahoe represents the quintessential winter wonderland — a playground of powdery snow and stunning vistas. Others think of…

2019: Data visualization projects by Stamen Design

The last year of the decade gave us plenty of opportunities to work and play with data of all kinds, from governance indices to cloud…

Our next Data Visualization Foundations class will be this November!

Enrollment is now open for Stamen’s next Data Visualization Foundations class, scheduled for November of this year at Stamen Design. This…

Telling the Dropbox story of “How work became a mess

Dropbox came to Stamen with an idea: that work has become too complicated. Much of the new technology that is supposed to make work more…

Visualizing XYZ data with Alan McConchie, Stephanie May, and Sarah Fortune.

Stamen was asked to create six maps using XYZ Studio, a new web app from HERE that allows users to create custom maps from large datasets…

Visualizing Global Immunization Rates with The World Health Org, 2019.

We at Stamen have had the pleasure of working with the World Health Organization’s Department of Immunization, Vaccines, and Biologicals…


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