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Founder, Mattereum

Vinay Gupta

Launched $70bn @EthereumProject. CEO of @mattereum Forbes profile

Chris Wray

Bringing the law of contract into the blockchain era @mattereum

Michael Mainelli

scientist financier trying to promote societal advance through better finance and technology

Imogen Heap

Glover, lover, musical mama, Mycelia dreamer

Reuben Thomas

Senior Researcher at Mattereum

Latest Posts

The Future of the Blockchain: my DevCon IV talk.

This year October 31 at the DevCon IV I gave the first talk on the Smart Property Register  —  the Mattereum innovation, which I think is…

After the crash

The economist Scott Sumner says “never reason from a price change”. The fact that a price changed is unarguable, but we need to know why…

Mattereum is partnering with FEMOZA on a new Digital Silk Road initiative

Mattereum Protocol will revolutionise commercial relationships within the new network of Free Economic Zones envisioned by UN-partnered…

Announcing the Mattereum summary white paper

This week, we released the Mattereum summary white paper. It is the result of a year’s work on the problems of smart contract enforcement…

Why Global Trade Will Inevitably Move to the Blockchain

As part of Blockstack’s “Decentralizing the World” Tour, I was invited to speak about blockchain and global trade. You can see the video…

Introducing new client: Beam wallet

Mattereum’s legal–technical protocol will underpin the rollout of Beam’s second generation tokenized network.

Mattereum adds dispute resolution to Ocean Protocol’s distributed data marketplace

Last year Mattereum announced a partnership with Ocean Protocol to collaborate on a legal framework for rights over digital assets…

Ingram Kamalagharan (UK Space Agency): An invitation to talk

Ingram gave a brief overview of the UK Space Agency’s role in funding and co-funding space activities in the UK, and encouraged interested…

Adam Paigge (Supernova Labs & Open Spaceplane Project)

Adam Paigge of Supernova Labs and Open Spaceplane Project pitches his two projects that aim to solve practical problems in the…

Pavlo Tanasyuk (Spacebit): Democratising space exploration with blockchain

“Become a part of the space exploration community”. Pavlo Tanasyuk of Spacebit explained how their platform aims to democratise access to…


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