IBM Data and AI

Insights from IBM Research. Best practices in Data Science. Problem solving with Watson. From theory to practice, read contributions from across a wide variety of IBM’s Data Science and AI practices.

Tim Bonnemann

Intersection of community & participation. Currently @IBMResearch. Wannabe trailrunner.

Kinga Parrott

Engineer. Tech Ed Evangelist@IBM (don’t know what this is?reach out). Mindfulness enthusiast. Opinions are my own.

Himadri Talukder

Senior Engineer, IBM. LinkedIn:

Abhilasha Mangal

Senior Data Scientist at IBM | Linkdin :

Doug Stauber

Data Science | Product Management | Chicagoan

Annalise Sumpon

AI Engineer @ IBM | Data Scientist

Junfeng Liu

IBM Canada, Cloud Pak for Data, STSM


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