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Powering Trusted Global Commerce with Smart Supply Chain Solutions and community driven Blockchain protocols. Founding Member of the Trusted IoT Alliance.

Samantha Radocchia

Emerging Tech Entrepreneur | Anthropologist | Author | Speaker| Blockchain | Forbes 30 Under 30 | Prev. Co-Founder at Chronicled

Allen Hernandez



Abhishek Gutgutia

VP of Product @ Chronicled Inc.

Susanne Somerville

CEO at Chronicled | MediLedger Project | Blockchain | Know my way around the Supply Chain

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The counterfeiting of luxury goods is a massive business worldwide — it’s worth $1.2 trillion and much more complex than you might imagine.

Vertical Versus Horizontal Integration: What To Consider When Building A Product

As a growing company building a new product, you’ll be faced with an important decision.

How To Establish Protocols Between Parties With Competing Interests

We tend to take a lot of the rules we follow for granted.

3 Myths About Decentralized Distributed Blockchain Networks

I’m a supply chain professional, in the strictest sense of the word “professional.” I’ve spent 15 years of my career developing a…

Chronicled New Team Member Spotlight: Li Qiao

I began working at Chronicled as a Product Manager MBA intern, collaborating primarily on the Responsible Gold project. I connected with…


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