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Tips for organizing large interactive Zoom sessions

Ensure that your large group Zoom meetings run smoothly and gain more engagement.

Simply Install: Apache Hadoop

Hadoop is one of the most mature and well-known open-source big data frameworks on the market. Sprung from the concepts described in a…

Create a cluster of instances on AWS

Distributed computing frameworks often require the creation of a set of machines that work with one another to perform some sort of…

Getting started with Spark and batch processing frameworks

What you need to know before you dive into big data processing with Apache Spark and other frameworks.

4 Ways to Attract Top Talent by Combating Job Seeker’s Fears

Understanding the effects of an uncertain job market on a job seeker’s state of mind

SiftSeq: Classifying short DNA sequences with deep learning

This technology could increase the speed with which novel pathogens are identified in the future to help to save lives.

Mentoring to build workforce diversity

How Insight built a mentorship program for women data scientists with Clover Health

Deals on Wheels: Let the market show you how to buy a better car

Modeling car prices uncovers the classics, the clunkers, and everything in between.

Hiring women software engineers

Most data and engineering teams skew heavily male, but some companies are finding ways to make solid progress.

How to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion when hiring

Going beyond the talk to drive meaningful action toward a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.


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