Insight Fellows Program

Insight Fellows Program - Your bridge to a thriving career

Jake Klamka

Founder & CEO, Insight


Insight Fellows Program - Your bridge to a thriving career

Donald Lee Brown

NYC-based Program Director and Data Scientist at Insight Data Science

Latest Posts

Insight-ICON Monthly Progress Report

Insight-ICON here to give the first of the monthly status updates for our P-Rep Election campaign for ICON Blockchain.

How to train your own YOLOv3 detector from scratch

This comprehensive and easy three-step tutorial lets you train your own custom image detector using YOLOv3.

How to vote for secure and stable cryptocurrency infrastructure

Your friendly guide for voting in the ongoing election to secure the future of ICON’s on-chain governance.

ICON Blockchain Decentralization Delay

ICON Blockchain decentralization effort is delayed and P-Rep candidates can do more to help the network.

ICON Blockchain Weekly Infrastructure Call #1 Recap

Recapping Insight’s weekly infrastructure call, Rob went through different things P-Reps can do to improve network.

Deep learning for improved breast cancer monitoring using a portable ultrasound scanner

Using deep learning to automatically detect lesions in ultrasound images

Infrastructure as Code for the ICON Blockchain

An introduction to TestNet Ops, one-click deployment, and securing a robust P-Rep infrastructure.

How to get Hadoop and Spark up and running on AWS

Are you interested in working on high-impact projects and transitioning to a career in data? Sign up to learn more about the Insight…

Insight Boston Alumni: Where are they now?

Checking in on the projects our Insight alumni are working on now.

Top 6 data engineering frameworks to learn

The most important and useful frameworks that Insight Fellows work on during their projects.


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