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Insight Fellows Program - Your bridge to a thriving career

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Insight Fellows Program - Your bridge to a thriving career

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There is No Noise — Only Bias

Understanding Why Noise in Machine Learning is Nothing but Bias

Predicting Movie Profitability and Risk at the Pre-production Phase

Using variability in machine learning predictions as a proxy for risk can help studio executives and producers decide whether or not to…

Hitting the Gym with Neural Networks: Implementing a CNN to Classify Gym Equipment

Will a network trained with fake data be able to generalize to the real world?

Insight: How we do Grace Hopper

Answer: Each of us a little differently!

Convolutional Neural Networks Explained…with American Ninja Warrior

Let’s use our ninja skills to figure out what CNNs are really doing.

Bias-Variance Tradeoff Explained

Understanding the Bias-Variance tradeoff at three different levels: simple, intermediate and advanced.

A Quick Introduction to Vanilla Neural Networks

Get the theory behind Neural Networks straight once and for all!

A Quick History of Neural Nets: From Inglorious to Incredible

Following neural net research from the 1940s to present day.

How to tackle a real-world problem with GuidedLDA

The prevalent use of online platforms for interaction and large size of the text data from users’ input makes digesting the data…

Deep Prognosis: Predicting Mortality in the ICU

In medical school, we learn to identify lab abnormalities, their causes and treatments. When a patient is observed to have a blood…


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