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Managing cloud secrets the right way: Hashicorp Vault on k8s

When it comes to security management within an organization, you have to admit that, no matter the organization’s size, a crucial…

Kubernetes on Vsphere (Terraform — Part 2)

Kubernetes on Vsphere (Terraform — Part 2)

Gracefully handling gRPC errors in a Go server / Python client setup

gRPC is an awesome protocol for achieving microservices-based infrastructure. It is fast, it is built on top of protocol buffers, which…

Kubernetes on Vsphere (Packer - Part 1)

I used to work with really high level clouds especially gcloud. I have always been astonished by the power of such a platform: Three clicks…

Implementing the TimeStamp Protocol natively in Python

About 2 months ago, I was faced with the challenge of adding trusted timestamping capabilities to our backend at Kuranda Labs.


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