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Ellie Guzman

Millennial witch of Medium. Lover of writing, comedy, tequila, and dogs. Views my own.

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Rejected Women’s Empowerment Slogans

We’re living in the Golden Age of female empowerment. With more oppressive stories coming out every day and online shopping hitting a boom…

Hot Fantasies for the Domestic Realist

Netflix and ADHD? — Must be good with hands

Non-Inspirational and Slightly Inappropriate Yoga Thoughts

Yoga teachers can’t read minds, right?

BREAKING NEWS: Hookup Refills Brita, Sets New Dating Standard for All Men

In a developing story from Sarah Ross’s apartment, Ben Stein of Manhasset, New York was thirsty and reached for the almost empty Brita…

BREAKING: Elderly male patient mistakes black female physician for nurse and white CPR mannequin…

Max Splainington, a 71-year-old patient admitted for chest pain to Gregorio Hospital’s emergency department, found himself in an awkward…

This is Awkward…My IUD Just Followed Me On Instagram

Upon insertion, I was jazzed about getting an IUD! “You’ll love it,” said my gynecologist. “You’ll have lighter periods, manageable PMS…

Yes, I Can Come in to Work Today

Hello, hi yes. It’s me. Your employee.


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