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Brenden Mulligan

Entrepreneur & Designer. Currently helping with product @Google via @LaunchKit acquisition. Co-founder of @Cluster. Tweets at @mulligan, views are my own.


iOS developer. I work on @launchkit and @cluster.


Simple, useful tools for mobile makers.

Latest Posts

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It was less than two years ago when our team decided that after releasing a dozen apps on the App Store and Google Play, we wanted to make…

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Using an oft-forgotten field in iTunes Connect

Every app developer should move their config to the cloud. Here’s why.

How I Overcame the Hard-Coding Life, and You Can Too.

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Originally published in the First Round Review

How iOS 9's Safari View Controller could completely change your app’s onboarding experience.

Getting somebody successfully onboarded into your app is fraught with pitfalls and hiccups which prevent them from becoming a regular user…

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How to Set Up a Read-Only iTunes Connect User

There are many valuable third-party services that require iOS app developers to share iTunes Connect credentials. These services tend to…

How to resolve bad App Store reviews

Every app gets bad reviews. No matter how hard you work, someone will find something wrong with your app. But just because you get a bad…

Create gorgeous App Store screenshots in minutes.

Introducing Screenshot Builder


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