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Kan Nishida

CEO / Founder at Exploratory(https://exploratory.io/). Having fun analyzing interesting data and learning something new everyday.

Latest Posts

Introduction to Text Data Wrangling in Exploratory

We have introduced 2 new UIs for Text Data Wrangling. These UIs make it easier to work with dirty text data by performing the following…

Exploratory v5.5 Released!

New Text Wrangling UIs, Prophet Updates, RMarkdown and Custom Viz in Dashboard, Tokenizing Text, and more!

Exploratory v5.4 Released!

I’m excited to announce Exploratory v5.4! 🎉

Why Multicollinearity is Bad and How to Detect it in your Regression Models

The word multicollinearity sounds intimidating and a bit mysterious. But the idea behind it is not as complicated as you would think.

Exploratory Public — Learn Data Science by Doing

I’m super excited to announce Exploratory Public today! 🎉

Introduction to Join — Adding Columns from Another Data Frame

Sometimes, you might want to add extra columns from another data frame. They might be the detail information of the customers, different…

Finding Variable Importance with Random Forest & Boruta

There are two problems in order to interpret the result of Random Forest’s ‘Variable Importance’.

Exploratory v5.3 Released!

Categorizing Numbers, Conditional Limit, New Summarize/Rename UIs, Training/Test Data Split, Power Analysis Prophet Updates, & more!

A Gentle Introduction to Backtesting for Evaluating the Prophet Forecasting Models

The Prophet time series forecasting algorithm is amazing, it has definitely democratized the time series forecasting. It’s easier to start…

An Introduction to Exploratory v5.2!

Chart Highlight, Chart Comment, Boxplot Sorting, and more!


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