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Latest Posts

Why Blockchains are Here to Stay

Blockchains can’t do everything, but they do two things really well: return ownership of personal data to individuals, and verify identity…

10 principales razones por las que se debería usar Blockcerts

El estándar abierto para emitir documentos basados en el blockchain que siempre permanecen verificables

Innovating as a Customer

The story of innovation usually focuses on companies building amazing new things. But rarely do we see the other side of the story: the…

Credential Issuing Systems: Five Questions to Ask

A guide to help navigate solutions claiming to provide blockchain-based identity records. Don’t be fooled by fakes.

“Which Blockchain Should We Use?

When it comes to anchoring digital records to a blockchain, using the open standard ensures that records will verify no matter which chain…

Top 10 Reasons to Use Blockcerts

The open standard for issuing blockchain-based records is your easiest bet for creating records that remain verifiable for a lifetime.

The Future of Identity Records — Funded

Official records — birth certificates, academic records, professional licenses, and more — form the legal basis of who we are and what we…

The New Blockcerts Mobile App

Self-Sovereign Identity just got easier.

The Blockchain in Education

A growing forest of choices for securing academic credentials means starting with open standards or betting on vendors.

The Time for Self-Sovereign Identity is Now

Blockcerts, Decentralized Identifiers, and Verifiable Claims


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