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Per Harald Borgen

Co-founder of Scrimba and GitSpeak. Trying to make it easier for devs to convey code. https://gitspeak.com/

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JavaScript Closures Explained in 3 Minutes

Closures in JavaScript tend to seem more difficult than it actually is. The essence is basically the following:

A quick introduction to CSS animations

In this article you’ll learn the basics CSS animations, which allows you to gradually change an element’s style from one state to another.

5 array methods all JavaScript beginners should know

This article will give you a quick intro to five of the most important array methods in JavaScript, which you’ll need to know in order to…

Tips for writing Medium articles

This article is a summary of what I have learned through writing over 20 Medium articles, gaining over 600 000 views and 300 000 reads.

Survival Guide for Junior Developers

In 2015 I started my first job as a developer, after having spent five months turning my coding hobby into a profession.

Machine Learning in a Year

From being a total ml noob to start using it at work

Learn CSS Flexbox in 3 Minutes

In this post you’ll learn the most important concepts of the flexbox layout in CSS, which will make your life easier if you find yourself…

Building Products Without Coding

How we mashed together five existing services into an MVP

Lessons Learned Running A Side Project For One Month

Exactly four weeks ago my friend Andreas and I built and launched BugRex.com, a live chat help line for developers.

4 Things To Learn If You Skip House of Cards S4

I’m super excited to find out what’ll happen to Frank & Claire Underwood this season, so please take this advice with a grain of salt.


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