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We ask before we build so our products really work for our users. This is our blog about knowing why.

Leighton Wallace

Leighton at Lever


Sourcing, applicant tracking & more: Lever’s modern web app supports the way you hire.

Latest Posts

Analytics and Arepas

At Lever we believe in two things: data-driven recruiting and good food

Tech Debt and New Hires

Back in 2018, I gave two talks on the topic of tech debt and new hires, this is a written version of the talks.

DerbyJS? Never Heard Of it.

Should a company’s tech stack influence your job hunt?

Strengthening Your Engineering Team With Pair Programming

It’s easy to see why people would assume that programming is an individual activity–you can usually find each engineer sitting in front of…

An Icon in a Hay Stack

As developers, we love adding icons to the apps we build. They bring a little je-ne-sais-quoi to reinforce the intent of a button or…

Building Beautiful New Features with ZERO Lines of CSS

Ahh, CSS. Most of us have complicated relationships with Cascading Style Sheets. For some, it’s a necessary part of development. For…

“Mo, wtf is COGS?”: Breaking down acronyms and tribal knowledge for engineers

Joining a new engineering team presents many challenges: learning a different stack, familiarizing yourself with ingrained patterns…

The Lever Tech Stack

Lever was founded in 2012 with the idea that we could drastically improve on the existing talent acquisition and hiring technology that…

Hire with conviction: Girl Geek X at Lever

When Sarah wrote the very first code lines for Lever, she had no way of knowing that Lever would one day become named one of best places to…

Meet Emily Shenfield, Teacher & Theater Alum Turned Product Engineer

Emily Shenfield joined Lever in August 2015 as a member of the product engineering team. But it wasn’t always obvious she’d be a software…


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