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DApp scaling solution for Ethereum, focused on games and social apps. Creators of https://CryptoZombies.io, https://DelegateCall.com, and https://EthFiddle.com

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Matthew Campbell

Cofounder https://loomx.io build scalable blockchain games and social apps on the Loom SDK.

James Martin Duffy

Co-founder at Loom Network. Building scalable blockchains for large-scale online games and social apps 🚀Creators of CryptoZombies.io 🧟‍

Luke Zhang

Co-Founder at Loom Network

👽 Dilanka @ LOOM

Growth @ Loom Network, where we are building scalable blockchains for large-scale online games and social apps. Also: 🚀 Creators of CryptoZombies.io.

Mohit Tater

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Content Strategist & Blockchain Advisor. I help people invest in smart assets.

Robert H

Content @ Loom Network — loomx.io. Building scalable blockchains for games and social apps. Creators of CryptoZombies.io and Zombie Battleground — loom.games.


如临深渊 如履薄冰

Michaela Rose Thompson

Quirky - nerdy - opinionated ✊ | Liza Minnelli is my spirit animal. 🙌

Latest Posts

Announcing Loom PlasmaChain Interoperability with Cosmos Hub

Once the Cosmos mainnet launches, we will be enabling a token bridge between Loom’s PlasmaChain and the new Cosmos Hub.

Plasma Cash Developers Guide: Everything You Need to Know (+ How to Use Loom’s Plasma CLI)

Let’s revisit Transfer Gateway, see how Plasma Cash works differently, and then dive into Loom’s Plasma Cash command line interface.

PlasmaChain Validator & Staking Economics, Part 1

By Michael Cullinan and James Martin Duffy

Loom SDK Projects: CryptoWars Announces First Tournament — $2,500 in Prizes 🤩

Our friends at Experimental — the creators of the blockchain-based strategy game CryptoWars — have announced their very first CryptoWars…

Shepherding the Blockchain Ecosystem with Industry Chains

The following is a guest post by Lee Bailey from ShipChain.

Understanding ERC721x Token Standard

ERC721x is Loom’s extension of ERC721. It’s an ERC721-compatible token that supports multiple fungible classes.

Crypto Open Source Ecosystem 1.0

I wanted to take a moment to spotlight all the other projects in our ecosystem that make the Loom SDK possible. It’s a large ecosystem and…

PlasmaChain Validators: Next-Level Security with HSMs

Amidst the barrage of buzzwords and blockchain jargon, the last thing we need is yet another acronym in the mix. 🤦

Loom SDK Projects: Coins & Steel — A Fantasy Multiplayer Role-Playing Game (Like You’ve Never Seen…

If you’ve been paying attention to Loom Network for a while — you know that one of our BIGGEST focuses is on blockchain games.

Moving ERC721 Tokens Between Ethereum and PlasmaChain using Transfer Gateways

If you’re a DApp developer and you want to issue transferable ERC721 tokens, you might be wondering how to connect your ERC721 token to the


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