MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

The IDE explores how people and businesses work, interact, and prosper in an era of profound digital transformation. We are leading the discussion on the digital economy.


Addressing one of the most critical issues of our time: the impact of digital technology on businesses, the economy, and society.


The Inclusive Innovation Challenge awards one million dollars to organizations that are solving a grand challenge of our time — to reinvent the future of work.

Latest Posts

The Four Biggest Challenges Digital Platforms Need to Address

Regulation, growth, and new technologies may become roadblocks for once unstoppable firms

Banking’s Digital Moment

Spurred by young users, mobile apps, and pressure from China, the online banking revolution has arrived

Q&A: How AI Can Lead Corporate Strategy

Research shows that AI and machine learning can be used to achieve strategic outcomes in data-driven organizations

AI Ain’t for Everyone: Who Trusts Bots and Why

New MIT research points up the problems with AI-enhanced insights

Here’s How to Forge Effective AI Regulation

Professor approaches AI regulation from legal, societal perspectives

MIT Economist Tracks Shifting Job Trends

David Autor tries to align yesterday’s workers and tomorrow’s jobs

MIT Groups Team Up on the Social, Human Impact of Digital Technologies

Human Cooperation Lab Partners with Initiative on the Digital Economy

Is STEM Losing its Luster?

Science and tech education are still touted as the ticket to career success, but research tells a more nuanced story

Reconsidering the Value of Free Digital Services

How much would it take for consumers to give up web access? New MIT research conducted online experiments to measure digital value

Video: Emerging Technology and the U.S. Economy

Experts explore AI’s wide-ranging economic and social implications at a recent Stanford forum


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