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David Turcotte

I’m a father, writer, and behavioral therapist. I write about disabilities, psychology, and everything else. For more info:

Latest Posts

You Wanted the Best! You Got the Best!

How the hottest band in the world helped me express myself

Disabilities Are Not Laziness

The unspoken truth about disabilities and public perception

36 Candles

A brief introspective reflection of the anxiety caused by birthdays


A true story of abuse

Living with a Phobia

An overview of phobias and what it’s like to have one.

Three Reasons You Should Care About Accessibility

Why accessibility is an important topic for everyone, regardless of disability

Seven Ideas to Start Your Small Business

What you need to get started working for yourself

All My Writing

A list of all my published writing

Making Disabilities Work for You in a Job Search

Handy hints to help make the job search suck less.

Six Important Lessons I Learned in Eight Years of College

The real lessons about university everyone should know


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