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Jane Greenway Carr

NYU PhD, @ACLS Public Fellow @BetterLifeLab Fellow at @NewAmerica, writer, feminist, Memphian. Founding editor at The Brooklyn Quarterly (@BklynQly).

Elizabeth Weingarten

Director of @BetterLifeLab’s Global Gender Parity Initiative, Editor of #HumansofCybersecurity, and Editor at @behscientist. @Slate & @TheAtlantic alum.

Emily Tamkin

Freelance writer and reporter in Washington, DC. Writing a book on George Soros for HarperBooks.

Laura K. Bate

Program Associate at @NewAmCyber, WiSe Fellow @AmSecProject, pit bull advocate, and probably sitting out in the garden.

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We’re teaching students how to problem solve before we teach them how to problem see.

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Conversations with the people who are changing the way we live our lives online.

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Conversations with the people who are changing the way we live our lives online.

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How I learned the value of being a team player in an industry where I was often the odd one out.

We’re Still the Overlords

How behavioral science helps us understand why humans are still cybersecurity’s weakest link — and what we can do about it.

Get With the Times, International Relations

The top IR schools are hardly teaching students anything about cybersecurity — and that’s a big problem.

Cybersecurity’s Disastrous Game of Chicken

There’s no defined pathway for a cybersecurity career — here’s why that’s a problem, and how to solve it.


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