The Journal of the Data Visualization Society

Elijah Meeks

Chief Innovation Officer at Noteable. Formerly Apple, Netflix, Stanford. Wrote D3.js in Action, Semiotic. Ex-Data Visualization Society Executive Director

Amy Cesal

Amy Cesal is a data visualization designer. She is a co-founder of the Data Visualization Society and serves on the board.

Mara Averick

tidyverse 🥑 @rstudio , 🏀 hoop head, gnashgab, blatherskite, lesser ½ of @batpigandme 🦇🐽

Jason Forrest

Dataviz Designer at McKinsey, Editor-in-chief at Nightingale, Electronic Musician. Contact & more:

Alyssa Bell

I’m only happy when learning a new skill, working on too many projects at once, or eating a snack.

Data Visualization Society Team

From the editors of the Data Visualization Society

Noëlle Rakotondravony

just @curiouslemur

Duncan Geere

Writer, editor and data journalist. Sound and vision. Carbon neutral. Email me at

Georges Hattab

Georges is a scientist, creative writer, sci-fi fan, and fervent hiker. Visit him at

Allen Hillery

Creating transcendent stories that share the importance of data narratives and how they impact our world. Twitter: @aldatavizguy

Isaac Levy-Rubinett

managing editor for Nightingale

Clare Harvey

Freelance editor

Amanda Makulec

Data viz designer and enthusiast for using data for social good and public health. MPH. Operations Director @datavizsociety and Data Viz Lead @excellaco.

Bill Shander

Information design & data visualization practitioner and teacher. Data Visualization Society board member. Workshop facilitator, LinkedIn Learning instructor.

Claire Santoro

Environmental analyst, science communicator, data viz designer.

Alyssa Columbus

NASA Datanaut. You can reach me at my website:

Adam Oxford

Johannesburg-based journalist covering African tech. Code for Africa StoryLab Fellow, Agent for The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law.


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