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A journal of ideas and commentary about technology policy.

Eli Dourado

Senior research fellow at the Center for Growth and Opportunity

Andrea Castillo

tech policy @mercatus

Latest Posts

Come Back with a Warrant: The Potential Impact of the Carpenter Decision Beyond Cell Phones

When the "real world" and cyberspace interact, legal questions get complicated

Will the electric scooter movement lose its charge? It doesn't have to.

Take note, San Francisco: Forward-thinking regulators have started to embrace soft law regulatory mechanisms to protect innovation.

Can you trespass without setting foot on a piece of property?

AR applications are changing the ways we think about unlawful entry

Should you be able to fix your own iPhone?

You may have fewer options to control your own devices than you think.

The FAA's Precautionary Approach to Drones Defies Reasonable Risk Tolerance

A new National Academy of Sciences report concludes the agency needs to relax and learn to love drones

Data Privacy at a Price

The GDPR just isn't worth it

Yelp: The Firm Who Cried "Monopoly"

The website known for popularizing amateur food reviews has been a vocal critic of Google's business practices

GDPR and Me: how the EU data rules could impact genetic testing

The EU's new data privacy rules may hurt health technologies the hardest

Do All Roads Lead to a Decentralized Internet?

The major problems with the Internet identified by the public, policy experts, and regulators appear to all be rooted in the fairly…

AI, Welcome to the White House

The Trump administration is finally turning to AI issues. But is it enough?


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