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Blog for Qlik Branch, helping developers make data work for them with Qlik’s Associative Engine, APIs and code. Believers of open source and community. https://developer.qlik.com

Alexander Karlsson

Developer Relations @ Qlik. Stuff/Opinions expressed here does not represent the views of my employer. Yo.

Brian Munz

Qlik hacker, extender, integrator, customizer. Qlik Branch & Developer Relations manager. Web guy, music person, family man.

Qlik Branch Staff

The fun side of data-driven coding. A truly open source community. Creating developer resources, showing what’s possible + sharing your open source projects.

Garret Lopata

Pittsburgh Native. Gaming Enthusiast. Senior Qlik Developer Marketer. Bootleg Toy Collector. Arcade Builder. Not in that order.

Latest Posts

Corona and how INFORM DataLab would like to help

We are all concerned by Corona virus right now. How can we end the pandemic quickly? What’s the best way to protect yourself and those…

Making sense of Qlik Sense platforms

After multiple design and branding iterations, Qlik Sense now owns multiple platforms under its umbrella. Some of the products are renamed…

Visualization Extensions in Qlik Cloud Services & CSP

By: Jeffery Goldberg & Garret Lopata

Qlik Cloud for developer tutorial 1

Setup your first mashup on Qlik’s cloud platform

Is BI going to be killed by AI?

There has been many hype around AI for years now, in particular machine learning and deep learning. AI is no doubt way more capable of…

Qlik Dev Spolight

Featuring: Jeffery Goldburg

Very useful Enigma.js and Qlik Core Cheatsheet, live

It has been a year and Qlik Core is good. In fact, it is great

Data Literacy with Space Invaders!

Following up on my son’s data literacy journey, I share how I delivered data literacy workshops at his primary school using Space…

Web Unleashed 2019 — FITC delivers again

Another Web Unleashed has come and gone and I took this year as an opportunity to learn about new things as opposed to just brushing up on…


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