RAPIDS is a suite of software libraries for executing end-to-end data science & analytics pipelines entirely on GPUs.

Nick Becker


John Zedlewski

Director of RAPIDS Machine Learning, NVIDIA

Mark Harris

Principal System Software Engineer at NVIDIA. Views expressed are my own, not necessarily NVIDIA's. Software developer; beer brewer; bacon curer; noun verber.

Brad Rees

Graph Analytics @ rapids.ai NVIDIA AI Infrastructure

Allan Enemark

Curiosity powered designer & sustainability advocate.

Paul Mahler

Data Scientist and Technical Product Manager. Triathlon enthusiast.

Alex Ravenel

Program Management @ RAPIDS, NVIDIA

Even Oldridge

I’m a research scientist working at NVidia on deep learning for tabular data.

Jake Schmitt

Jake Schmitt is a product marketing manager with the NVIDIA Enterprise Data Science Products team, where he connects enterprises to powerful data science tools.


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