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The best ideas from Normative and our peers on how to move innovation beyond its obsession with the big idea.

Matthew Milan

Evidence-Driven Innovation. Designed my first UI at six. Into Principles & Dream Machines. Praxis is everything. Ski it if you can. Max Sterling is my co-pilot.

Lindsay Ellerby

designer / cybernetics nerd / design coach and mentor

Latest Posts

What happens as we digitize the world’s transactable objects?

Digital 3D models have been in use for decades — primarily by designers of physical objects like furniture, cars and buildings — and yet…

AI is risky business. What are the rules of engagement in an augmented world?

This is the central question I am thinking about as I venture into machine learning projects. In the past, we have seen political and…

Want high quality results? Try a high fidelity prototype

Have you ever wondered why your product team wants to do yet another round of prototype testing? You’re confident in the results, but they…

The Curse of the Convert: Designing Better Design Research

You know the person, the one who is so excited about their thing, and they want to tell you ALL ABOUT IT. And they want you to start doing…

Start With the Stock Price

Starting with the stock price grounds our innovation work in reality from the get-go.

What Lewis and Clark can teach us about innovation.

A few months ago, I had one of those a-ha moments about why some innovation partnerships work, and why some don’t.

Rethinking how UX research helps to manage risk

by Alya Naumova | Senior Researcher at Normative

What innovation leaders taught me about fighting Imposter Syndrome

My journey started off with some good ol’ self reflection, and was followed by research and reflection of how leaders deal with it.

Designing in Code Can Help Get Your Innovation in Market, Faster. Here’s How We Did It.

Because selling a big idea requires more than Keynote mockups.

The big reveal is dead. Design conversations instead.

When I started out as a designer 15 years ago, the “big reveal” was king. We all were taught to do our magic behind closed doors until it…


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