The RedElastic Blog. Articles about reactive programming and distributed systems by RedElastic, a boutique consulting company specializing in reactive systems.

Kevin Webber

Architect, developer, and advocate. Passionate about distributed systems and functional programming.

Latest Posts

A Guide to Scala Collections: Exploring Monads in Scala Collections

This document is intended to provide an educational guide for beginning developers working in Scala, to enhance their understanding of…

Modelling Reactive Systems with Event Storming and Domain-Driven Design

Learn how to design reactive systems using the techniques of Event Storming and Domain-Driven Design.

Work Stealing: What Makes the Play Framework Fast

Play is a web framework for the JVM with powerful scalability. Let’s discuss the concurrency model of Play and what makes it so fast.

Diving into Akka Streams

Streaming is the ultimate game changer for data-intensive systems in a world where every second counts.

A Journey into Reactive Streams

Rather than acting on data at rest, modern software increasingly operates on data in near real-time.

What is Reactive Programming?

Exploring the guiding principles of Reactive application development.

Transitioning to Scala

Advice from a developer who helped rebuild with Scala and Play


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