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Monitoring systemd services in realtime with Chronograf

Every system administrator knows systemd. Developed by Lennart Poettering and freedesktop.org, systemd comes as a very handy…

Geolocating SSH Hackers In Real-Time

Tracking Hackers location using rsyslog, Influx and Grafana. Hackers beware!

4 Best Time Series Databases To Watch in 2019

When developing IoT, financial or industrial applications, the choice of a good time series database is most of the time a headache…

5 Proven Ways To Finish Your Side Project

Side projects are remarkable sources of creation. I often see them as guitar solos : the spontaneous expression of an idea that would not…

SQL is Dead, Hail to Flux

Introducing Flux, a new scripting language built by InfluxData. SQL beware, it might be one of the greatest tech trends of 2019.

A Practical Introduction to Integration Patterns

A practical introduction always requires a very practical little game to start with. Everybody knows Facebook, the biggest social network…

Stream Highlights — Data Processing Architecture

In the first part, we have seen how the web application was built. The second part will focus on the stream processing backend. The…

Stream Highlights — Architecture & Implementation

Stream Highlights is a self-operating clip generator based on real time data of the Twitch IRC chat.

Building an automated platform that captures the best clips from Twitch, live.

The Twitch platform has a plethora of content created every seconds. Each passing moment, thousands of streamers are producing impactful…


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