Max Ved

Entrepreneur, Traveler, Scientist, Single Malt Evangelist, Co-Founder&CTO at SciForce


Ukraine-based IT company specialized in development of software solutions based on science-driven information technologies #AI #ML #IoT #NLP #Healthcare #DevOps

Latest Posts

Data Veracity: a New Key to Big Data

In his speech at Web Summit 2018, Yves Bernaert, the Senior Managing Director at Accenture, declared the quest for data veracity that will…

Machine learning: Changing the Beauty Industry

Several years ago a friend of mine, who was a biologist, was talking about their weird experiments. They were shaving mice and if this was…

A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Language Generation

As long as Artificial Intelligence helps us to get more out of the natural language, we see more tasks and fields mushrooming at the…

Artificial Intelligence for Mental Health

In recent years we have been hearing a lot about the potential of digital doctors and nurses: the example of AI becoming directly in…

Anomaly Detection — Another Challenge for Artificial Intelligence

It is true that the Industrial Internet of Things will change the world someday. So far, it is the abundance of data that makes the world…

Best Libraries and Platforms for Data Visualization

In one of our previous posts we discussed data visualization and the techniques used both in regular projects and in Big Data analysis.

New IT Process Automation: Smarter and More Powerful

If we think of the newest trends in IT service automation, or try to follow the recent research, or listen to the tops speakers at…

Proptech and the proper use of technology for house sales prediction

The real estate market has always been tough both for clients looking for a new house and realtors trying to sell properties at the…

Food, Health, and Data Science

When I was first approached by our CTO with an idea to write an article about food as medicine, for the share of a second my reaction was…

Understanding Tensor Processing Units

In 2017, Google announced a Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) — a custom application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) built specifically for…


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