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Gautam Tambay

Co-Founder and CEO at @Springboard. Educator. Wanderer. Burner. Foodie. Mixologist. Tech and education enthusiast.


We’re building a new kind of educational institution. One that empowers people to thrive in the new digital economy.

Anders Hoff

UX + Research + Design Strategy. Using design to power and accelerate fast growing, global tech companies. — www.andershoff.com


UX/UI Designer at Springboard

Latest Posts

Is Gold a Good Investment? Gold Price Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques

Is gold a good investment in general? SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) exchange-traded fund (ETF) tracks the price movement of gold and is a…

Accessibility in Design: Best Practices, Case Studies, and Useful Tips

Learn who benefits from accessible design, how to implement accessibility best practices, and which companies are excelling in this area.

How to Become a Freelance UX Designer

How to go above and beyond your peers and successfully find work as a freelance UX designer.

5 UX Designers Share Lessons Learned

We turned to our mentor community, along with alumni and other experts, to share UX lessons learned.

Identifying Duplicate Questions: A Machine Learning Case Study

This blog post is adapted from a capstone project I created for the Data Science Career Track at Springboard.

30 Twitter Influencers You Have to Follow for AI/Machine Learning

Follow these Twitter influencers to get the most recent knowledge about AI and machine learning.

18 Questions to Learn for the UX Design Interview

Have a good talk to yourself before you talk to them

Why UX Will Never Die

Our profession naturally shifts with the evolution of technology, wherever it goes.

The Most Illuminating User-Focused Activity

Have you ever heard of businesses investing millions of dollars into misguided product decisions? Chasing solutions based on intuition…

The Advantage of Deep Learning

With Kaggle Cab Fares


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