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Marcin Mincer

I'm a co-founder of SwingDev.io — we create beautiful software with a human touch.

Jo Overline

CEO, SwingDev

Lena Stalmasińska

brand manager / storyteller / copywriter / writer

Latest Posts

Quick Thoughts after NOAH Berlin 2019

The second NOAH 2019 Conference didn’t disappoint. The slogan gave a promise of “Connecting European Champions and Challengers,” and…

Ad-hoc observers for seamless logging of your live data changes

To understand what is going on behind the scenes of your increasingly complex view models, you might want to monitor and log changes of…

Why do developers from Eastern Europe top all rankings?

If you look at IT rankings and consider the fastest growing concentration of developers and their effectiveness and skills, Eastern and…

The Perks and Pitfalls of In-House Rebranding

How to successfully rebrand without hurting your company… and how we did it at SwingDev.

Thoughts after NOAH Tel Aviv 2019

What is the secret sauce of the Startup Nation?

First touch to Flutter: native development within a cross-platform framework, is it real?

A short journey through cross-platform mobile development framework by Google: is it our future? Check it out right now!

Exponential backoff for retry operator in RxSwift

The article presents SwingDev open source library RxSwiftAutoRetry. It allows you to use retry operator with exponential backoff algorithm.

Save Time by Doing Time the Right Way With Domain-Driven APIs

See how being clear and explicit with the way we express ideas in code can impact the quality of products we build.

Improving Perceived Performance of Web Apps

A bunch of tips and tricks to help improve perceived performance of your app.


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