Publications tagged `INNOVATION`
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Leo Innovation Lab Technology is changing the fabric of healthcare. We’re sharing insights into how. We’re innovating to improve the lives of people living with chronic skin conditions — not with medical treatments but through digital solutions. 104
New Markets Insights We are: Innovation strategy experts • Seasoned market researchers who put Jobs to be Done theory into practice • Award-winning authors of action-oriented books. This is what we’re thinking about. 103
FemTech Collective Empowering innovation for female health 97
airfrance-klm Learn more about how Air France — KLM designs, builds, and operates their systems and engineering organisations 95
Hacks/Hackers London Journalism x technology, London style. Hashtag: #HHLdn 89
Digital Landscaping Agile Architecture 87
Artificial Industry Co-pilot on your digital journey 86
Disrupt Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation. 85
From the Exosphere From the Exosphere is a platform for sharing thoughts from the team at MartinJenkins. The exosphere is the last layer of atmosphere before space, offering an unrivalled view of our blue planet and where we might go next. 84
Rough Draft: Media, Creativity and Society A journal focusing on the interplay between media, creativity and society 83
Cristina Pozzi Ethics of Emerging Technologies and the Future 81
Pathfinder Invention is key. 76
Cities for People - Des villes pour tous Collaborative experiments in inclusive urban innovation 75
Channel Voice The latest trends, news and updates for digital transformation and social selling 75
PwC Canada Medium account of PwC Canada 70