Publications tagged `ENTREPRENEURSHIP`
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The Big Fix Stories about re-engineering the economy to work for the planet, not against it. 2
weekly_acumen A dose of insight to improve your daily life 2
Leadership Wizdom Short insightful wisdom for leaders who want to be better leaders 2
Jasper Hall Time Over Money 2
JMS Editorial JMS Editorial is a digital publication brought to you by John McNeil Studio, from the wilds of Berkeley, California. Learn more about how we could work together at 2
Strategica Partners Branding, marketing, monetization, and go-to-market strategy for education and software companies. 2
Happy Monday Happy Monday is a Phoenix-based startup that aims at improving people’s lives by helping them find jobs they love. 2
Reno Tahoe Business Report Reno Tahoe business news reported by students at the Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno 2
Let’s Be Leaders Stories by leaders, for leaders about business, enreprunrship, and of course, leadership. 2
DeepLift We at DeepLift believe in providing best stories to our readers. 2
Monetization Manifesto We believe monetization is a hidden secret. Secrets hiding in plain sight. From the psychology of anchoring, the mathematics of power-law pricing tables, the application of demand elasticity, and the market positioning of your price — your path to better monetization awaits. 2
The Artian We often think about art as an object but what if we learned that art is actually a mindset, a way of thinking and operating in the world? A mindset, that more than ever could, and should, be applied to the world of business. Expect insights, ideas about this intersection. 2
Startup Sloth Helping startups, small businesses, and freelancers develop a strategy and write a business plan and succesfully compete. 2
Waterloo Business Review A SAF Student-Run Initiative, WBR prepares undergraduate students for an innovative future economy by providing insights into business strategy and entrepreneurship 2
LeanStartLab We work with founders, creatives, & innovators to build great products and digital experiences. Experiment to Innovate! 2