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The Humanist A publication about work and career in the new world of work. We share inspiring stories, latest news and handy tools for finding fulfillment in what you do. 0
Dobe Art Dobe Art is a publication themed on artistic creativity. Included is a potpourri of art articles, visual art, and sometimes poetry for the lover and creator of art. Included are essays on social media, creativity, artistic productivity, and storytelling. 0
The Lisowe The Lisowe is a publication that largely writes about software, technology, and psychology through the lens of self improvement and curiosity. 0
Talking Tech Daily If you want to read insightful stories about tech and the future of it then this is where you want to be! 0
Entrepreneur Stories A platform where we bring the best impact voices together to share innovation 0
TheMoneyEducation Welcome to TME, the place to be in order to be inspired by tales of great entrepreneurs and other successful individuals along with some advice along the way. 0
Debuzzify Entrepreneurs are individuals who help the world advance profitably. We help the world advance by inspiring entrepreneurs. 0
Teacher Pivot Teacher Pivot is an education publication designed to support teachers as they make decide whether to stay in teaching or pursue other opportunities. 0
AppLit AppLit is a software consulting firm that specializes in making apps that look beautiful and are easy to use. We make apps that help businesses grow and reach their users. 0
Mark Fasciano Mark Fasciano is a tech entrepreneur located in New York. He currently serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of Rover Diagnostics, which is developing an ultrafast point-of-care PCR test system for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. 0
Ourspark Egyptian startup created for freelancers by freelancers. The platforms, social media activities, and operations are all created and managed by freelance talent. 0
Kelly Brito I'm a branding professional, doing business online for over 15 years. Here is where I share my current views on life and some bs entrepreneurial trends I've been noticing lately. 0