Publications tagged `CINEMA`
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Cinemania A home for conversations about all things cinema. 781
Cine Suffragette A multilingual Medium publication about empowerment and representativeness in film. 653
incluvie Movie and TV Reviews for Diversity 253
Integral Cinematic Arts Journal Exploring Integral and Evolutionary Approaches to the Moving Image in all its Evolving Forms 105
One Room With A View The best reviews and most thoughtful film criticism around from The Avengers to À bout de souffle. Subscribe to our newsletter at 74
The Chinese Cinema Reviews of Films from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan 53
What Simon’s Seen Verdicts on the newest film and TV releases. Find out what’s worth watching and what you can skip with reviews of the latest in entertainment, whether on the small screen at home or at the cinema. 46
Simon Dillon Cinema A celluloid statement of faith: Films should first and foremost be seen in the cinema. I make every effort to do so, and do not review films released on “streaming”. Every film reviewed here is one I’ve seen on the big screen. 43
Renew Theaters News & notes from the County, Ambler, Hiway and Princeton Garden Theaters. 36
Femmetertainment celebrations of women in pop culture 36
From Director Steven Spielberg Articles and essays from one of the internet’s foremost sources for Steven Spielberg, From Director Steven Spielberg. 31
Picture Palace Loren Kantor is a passionate writer and woodcut artist with a love for movies, music and old Los Angeles. 22
The Analytical Lens Johnny Silvercloud on life, photography and principle. Johnny is a 20 year Army retiree who took up photography halfway through his military career. Life, love and universe through his lens, one shot at a time. 22
Jan Bot Meet The Metalog, a collection of research notes about the life and work of Jan Bot, the first computer program developed by experimental filmmakers to make found footage films for the Internet. You can meet the bot and watch its films on 18
Jeff’s Film & TV Reviews Pop your popcorn. Pour your soda. And maybe hide under your covers. No genre is out of bounds for this reviewer. 14