Publications tagged `STARTUP`
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tomorrow++ It is time we started thinking beyond tomorrow… 4
Hamad’s Tech Blog Technology, Trends & Investments 4
Attention Lab Observations on media, marketing, technology and the war for attention. 4
Why There’s Not a Single Cure for Cancer Advancements in cancer treatment are a collection of new technologies combined in the right ways to address each subset of cancer. 4
headwayio Insights and perspectives to help you navigate the ever changing seas of product strategy, design, and development. 4
The 2.8% : a collective voice of women founders raising venture capital #the2point8 By bringing our stories out from private forums and into the public sphere, we highlight the hidden inequities women and other underrepresented founders face when raising and using venture capital. #the2point8 email Twitter @the2point8 4
Zatlavi Sphere Putting the “Nation” in Start-up Nation 3
Untamed Potential Tips and advices for first time entrepreneurs 3
Accelerate Innovation Accelerate Innovation helps startups to large enterprises accelerate new customer-value realization in the business-to-business space. 3
BitSmiths BitSmiths is a software development agency with HQ in london and office in Romania. We build websites, web apps, and mobile apps with a focus on quality of servce ad quality of product. We’d like to share our views, whilst building this company, with the rest of the world. 3
Nothing Elegant A publication operated by Venture for America Fellows in Detroit, Michigan. Content revolves around entrepreneurship, economic development, and daily life in the Motor City. 3
Telnyx Connectivity made simple. 3
bomzai Sharing knowledge on Startups, agile and datas. 3
Doing the Work Stories of a nonprofit, from the inside… 2