Publications tagged `STARTUP`
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Building an Invisible Business Solving problems while creating an online business that stands out. 13
Joy’s Food for Thought with a Product Lens Product opinions and wishful thinking 13
High 5 to Launch Everything you need to know about launching your business, all in 5 easy steps. 13
billsalak Opinions on technology and stuff. I reserve the right to contradict myself. 13
Not Lost In Translation Blog, guide and insights on all things translation and language. 13
unified-engineering Engineers and data scientists building the next generation of tools for social media marketing analytics. 13
BuildXDestroy BXD is a boutique agency that provides advice to some of the most innovative creatives and emerging companies in the arts, entertainment, digital media, tech, and fashion industries. 12
Human Leader Review Empathetic leadership in the 21st Century: how can we effectively lead the next generation to make a positive impact and create more value everywhere they go? 12
Panya Studios Changing the way the world interact with live video. 12
One Way Ventures Entrepreneurship, like immigration, is a journey into the unknown. 12
Collab Blog We’re in the business of employee engagement, leadership, and results. More than just HR, Collab is a Singapore-based startup helping businesses save 85–90% of their hidden costs from, low employee engagement, ineffective leadership, and mishires. 11
Mental health & Entrepreneurship Being an entrepreneur is tough — a space to explore the effect on our mental health and to work out how to protect ourselves and our businesses 11
Startup-Board Wie du ein Verwaltungsrats-Mandat in einem Startup überlebst 10
SmartHectar Stories about co-creation and innovation in agriculture, food & water. 10
Live Your Best Life A collection of words and ideas to help you live your best life. By @jerlinhuang. 10