Publications tagged `STARTUP`
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Global Insight Advisory Network Grow your business | Build killer teams | Share your Wins 2
The Freelancer Freelance will be here to share ideas with people. Code blocks, better algorithms, news from software world and so on! 2
grwth. grwth. is an open advisory platform to help founders scale their startups in a sustainable, systematic and data-driven way. 2 Hello World! Welcome to my World! Programmer! ML Enthusiast! 2
The Blue Monkey Some learnings about startups and technology 2
Strategica Partners Branding, marketing, monetization, and go-to-market strategy for education and software companies. 2
CodeConvention Medium’s up to date technical publication. Follow to become part of our great community. 2
The Guild Association The Guild Association is an organization that seeks to improve the freelance experience. 1
Flipspaces We are a Virtual-Reality-Tech-based design and contracting venture that aims at disrupting the way consumers design and execute the interiors of their spaces. 1
KITE SRM A Smarter Way to Manage and Discover Startups 1
Genei Technology Genei Technology is an NLP startup working on automatic summarization. We have partnered with NVIDIA in their Inception program 1
The Lemonade Stand Teaching K12 Entrepreneurship 1
Morehous Legal Smart & talented lawyers helping founders grow at all stages. 1
Polaris Partners Perspectives Updates and perspective from the team at Polaris Partners, an investment firm with a 20-plus-year history of partnering with repeat entrepreneurs and world-class innovators who are improving the way we live and work. 1
NovaOcean Nova Ocean is a digital agency which is specialized in mobile development, mentoring, and improving the work processes of our clients’ in-house teams. 1