Publications tagged `STARTUP`
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Beyond Code Covering code related technologies, and buisness analysis on promising tech compnies 1
Tech Up Tech Up aims to reveal the bigger picture of our world by making complicated topics easy to understand, often through a narrative lens. Interested in the stretching of minds, Tech Up podcast is here to educate and inspire the thinkers in us. 1
Startup Games Stories & In-depth Studies about Technology, Business Models, Journeys of Startups 1
Hex Blog Official blog for Hex Technologies | 1
AZmed AZmed was founded with the aim of improving working conditions for doctors. We develop solutions to optimize their workflow, enhance their performance and contribute to improve the quality of care. Assisted by our algorithm, doctors’ efficiency is improved. 1
Apsolutio Apsolutio is your favourite SaaS company. 1
CallTheONE Instant contact with an expert via live video calling 0
Athena At Work Interviews with women in tech 0
Brand Mulligan A second chance for thriving brands. 0
Biz Growth. Personal Growth. Growing a business and growing as a person go hand in hand. 0
Window Seat Musings Personal publication about learnings in career & technology, passions and perspective on life. Curated by Prashi Badkur 0
Creative Ink Publication Under Construction. Currently migrating relevant stories over. Stories by Aphinya Dechalert. 0
George vs Tech Are you interested in technology and how it impacts culture? Then look no further. George vs Tech is a weekly blog covering all manner of technology; from social media to electric cars. 0 The latest product strategy and management guides, resources, and news. We aspire to democratize product methodologies and techniques, and create a platform for sharing our successes and failures. 0
ML2B How to convert Machine learning Theory into Business 0