Publications tagged `WRITING TIPS`
Name Followers
Writing and Publishing Fiction Professional and approachable perspectives on the art and craft of fiction writing, on being a writer, and on publishing one’s work. 7
Juliette Writes A publication devoted to the reading & writing life 6
StoryStruck Let’s tell better stories and tell stories better. 6
Lit Trove Lit Trove is all about reading, writing, and earning money from both. 6
The Joyful Writer Positive, proactive content for writers of all levels. 6
WriterKats Creative Content for Indie Authors, Wannabe Writers, and Cool Cats. Self-care for introverts, writing tips, quotes, poetry, short stories, legacy projects, book reviews, launch ideas, and info to help you stay healthy on your passion quest. 5
The Freedom to Write If you want to share something about your writing journey, writing in general, lessons learned, or whatever else about writing, this is the place. 5
The Write Zone Work better. Write better. Live Better. Hone your craft to achieve your potential as a writer. 4
My Writer’s Life Living Life on Your Own Terms is Weird 4
Paper Hearts From notes on crafts to tips on publishing, from an NY Times bestselling novelist with a variety of experience from querying agents, publishing traditionally and self, and developing courses at all levels for writers. Authors who would like to submit to this publication may email 4
Writer’s Studio Creative studio for new and experienced writers 4
Cheerleading for Writers Sports teams have cheerleaders who raise the overall mood by cheering at each of their matches. The authors of this world, whether experienced or aspiring, need cheerleaders too. This publication is for them. 4
Writing Briefs Writing advice specifically designed for students, but might be helpful to just about anyone. 3
Not Writing Not Writing is a place for writers to find fresh writing tips, publishing advice, paid writing jobs and help to achieve a freelance writing career. 3
Pressed Leaves A collection of Dayton O’Donnell’s writing 3